Top 16 best countries for Meat-Lovers to visit — Delusional Bubble (Reblog)

One of the biggest perks of traveling overseas is food. There’s such a big joy in trying unknown tastes and spices, dish pairs you could never imagine, and discovering a new culture in a foodie way. People around the world are becoming more and more interested in vegetarianism and veganism, but there are still millions […]

Top 16 best countries for Meat-Lovers to visit — Delusional Bubble

Poem: April 2


No longer will I bore you with my
mother’s life, and how I wish I could change
the way of her death. Thirteen years

is a long time, abridged by events that
just happen down this road. Though more
and more, this life seems impersonal, like

watching a new born lamb, sweet
to touch and then later to taste. How does
this lover turn carnivorous at a stroke?

And the lamb, like its mother, is a mere
vessel – when you’ve seen one, we all
know how we’ll react. So don’t get me wrong,

but Mum, you were a function, a role you
played so well, and no matter how
I embellish your memory at this time – well,

there you go, I have done it once again