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The Promised Land Mindanao is the Philippines’ third major island group; the other two are Luzon and Visayas. With its vast potential, Mindanao is often referred to as the Philippine’s promised land. However, this promise has been stymied by armed conflicts that permeated all throughout the island. Through the lenses of the media, it is […]

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*** Wonderful travel post. This part of the world looks terrific – one day I may go.

Poem ‘Abstract’


Duty is an abstraction
reality something else
It requires open eyes
a vision without frontiers
a heart of kindness, acceptance
of nature’s prevalence
not some token paradise
where we are an aberration


20,000 cormorants are too many
‘they’re eating all the fish’
Seven billion humans
are sustainable, though
not everyone has enough food

poem © copyright dfbarker 2012

***image © copyright Neil Smith