January 19, 1524 — Today’s Luther (Reblog)

Martin Luther writes to Lambert Thorn, an Augustinian monk, in the Netherlands. Thorn (or von Thorn) was probably the third of the trio of Augustinians who had been arrested at Antwerp and tried for heresy. The other two, Heinrich Voes (or Vos) and Johann Esch (or van den Esschen), had been burned at Brussels. Thorn […]January … Continue reading January 19, 1524 — Today’s Luther (Reblog)

Poem From A Picture: ‘Doorways’

Doorways to nowhere, ghosts whisper from parallel worlds where alternate timelines run, better worlds than our own. copyright Francis Barker 2020

Today is Reformation Day

In the largely secular world of 'Western' society today, Halloween has become a huge and ever growing event each year. So much so that the other significant anniversary of October 31, namely Reformation Day, is often forgotten, or ignored by many. Today marks 502 years since the German monk, Martin Luther, one of the prime … Continue reading Today is Reformation Day

Martin Luther, Passionate Reformer – Astrology Musings

If the Christian Reformation could be said to have a starting date, it must surely be the day of October 31 1517, when Martin Luther, Augustinian Doctor of Theology at the University of Wittenberg, nailed his Ninety-five Theses to the door of All Saints Church in that German city.

King Henry VIII – Tyrant? Astrology Musings

Anyone brought up in Great Britain, or in fact anywhere in the world, is probably familiar with the character and the life of King Henry VIII, probably England's most famous and notorious sovereign - he of the six spouses. Does his birth chart reflect this personality and what else might it reveal? Henry had the … Continue reading King Henry VIII – Tyrant? Astrology Musings

History of the Church: The Lost World of Monasteries

Monasteries, the Abbey or Priory of the medieval world of England, are an enduring interest of mine, although I don't claim to be an expert on ecclesiastical or architectural matters. Many years ago, I did a series of watercolour reconstructions of one priory, how it may have looked at its height (see above). To think … Continue reading History of the Church: The Lost World of Monasteries