Haiku: The Light

Photo by franpics from Pexels Wherever light shines there will also be shadow - Night is not endless Copyright Francis 2021

Haiku: War’s Hollow Victory

Are there ever any real victors in conflict? When so many people die, who wins? The idea of war is even being projected into 'space' - a star war. War appears to be an endemic human condition. I dispute this. The lesson of war is to avoid it - period.

Poem ‘Underground’

Underground By night the town paints clandestine shapes, broach spires pierce a black arras and decorated naves of Barnack rag drape like sepia backcloths for ghosts and revellers who may pass unaware on equal terms, merely inches yet centuries above charcoal rivers channelled underground, flushing silently till the night draws out heat and chatter of … Continue reading Poem ‘Underground’