BILLBOARD #1 HITS: #189: “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE”- THE BEATLES. AUGUST 19, 1967 — slicethelife (Reblog)

Billboard #1 Hits: #189: “All You Need Is Love” -The Beatles. August 19, 1967. #1 for 1 week. Single: “All You Need Is Love” – The Beatles Record Company- Capitol Genre: Pop Written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney Time: 3:57 B-side:”Baby, You’re A Rich Man” Album- Magical Mystery Tour Grade:A Peaked at #1 1 […]

BILLBOARD #1 HITS: #189: “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE”- THE BEATLES. AUGUST 19, 1967 — slicethelife

*** Great post. These were very heady times indeed, unfortunately I wasn’t old enough to appreciate the sentiment.

Poem From A Picture: ‘The Happening’


It was really happening here
back in the sixties,
before it all turned sour
and the seventies made cynics of us all.
Back then you couldn’t move;
gangs on scooters and motor bikes,
the Mods and the Rockers,
had set the scene before us.
Then Year One came along, or so we thought;
the Summer of Love opened our eyes,
blew our minds, until we realised
that we too had been wrong.
It’s kind of quiet now,
the sea has reclaimed the place for itself,
like it always will,
as we shuffle off one by one
to some other place
beyond that wide horizon

copyright Francis Barker 2020

Haiku: Summer of Love Perspective


Don’t give me free love
Love is not free, period
Rules have their reason

copyright Leofwine Tanner 2019