Poem – ‘A Still Life of Gerberas’

The gerberas you were given
had all wilted within two days.

The thought that counted
didn’t linger beyond its significance,

save to remind you to move on,
that old things are thrown away




  1. claudia · September 23, 2014

    sometimes it’s good to have a reminder that it’s time to move on…. even though it can be painful


  2. Glenn Buttkus · September 23, 2014

    Well put, David, and yet we find ourselves doting over the flowers we pick, or give to a loved one, sugaring the water, talking to them as we would a sick friend;” hang in there, guys, your colorful daisies compliment our oaken table, & it cheers me to greet you daily.” Yet, your close is truth, unfettered.


  3. Björn Rudberg (brudberg) · September 23, 2014

    wilted flowers
    still a reminder
    of yesterday


  4. ayala · September 23, 2014

    Sad that old things are thrown away…or that society can be cruel to the elderly


  5. Grace · September 23, 2014

    So it does and life goes on ~


  6. Delaina Miller (@DelainaMiller) · September 24, 2014

    It is good to have things that remind us to move on or even that nothing stays the same. Cheers!


  7. Audrey Howitt · September 24, 2014

    I love this —


  8. vandana · September 24, 2014

    better to move ahead and forget the past.


  9. Leo F. Tanner · May 14

    Reblogged this on Leo F. Tanner Blogs .


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