Why Am I Doing This?


Having been a ‘qualified’ astrologer for over 25 years, I have never openly advertised as such… until now.

Sure, I have kept my hand in, done numerous charts for friends, family and people at large, sometimes charging, sometimes not. Yet, above all this, I have never thought astrology was working for me. So here, right now, at last I am intending to make it do so.

I have done paid jobs of course, changed jobs several times, worked freelance, tried painting (another hobby) as a sideline, but nothing seemed to satisfy. Maybe it’s the lot of nearly all of us, having to make do with our ‘paye’ jobs without ever feeling satisfied let alone fulfilled. Being an astrologer you might ask, well, ‘couldn’t you tell from your birth chart what you would be best at?’ Well yes I could, I have a prominent, disciplined and vigorous Mercury which allows me to write, to communicate well, so that’s one reason why I’m here. But it also gives me a liking for variety. Also, I do have an artistic and musical side which has found release in painting and playing a musical instrument. But none of this makes a living.

So then comes my second Saturn Return (that gives my age away but that’s another article coming shortly) and that, I believe, is the true catalyst. I need to move on, to start doing the things I really want to do at an age which marks the end of life’s second chapter and, hopefully, a move to better and brighter pastures ahead. If I can help others realise their own potential along the way, then all the better.

So here goes, life’s been a bit rocky of late, rugs have been pulled and doors have slammed shut – but for once I may be heeding the call to a different direction. Wish me luck.



  1. Happy 60th! Welcome to the most interesting time of your life — !Enjoy!

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  2. rp · May 6

    Thank you – I certainly hope so!


  3. Léa · May 10

    Now you are vintage as are the best on offer… 😉

    Thank you for following one of my blogs.

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  4. Léa · May 10

    I shall wish you more than luck. Bon courage et bon chance.


  5. Leo Tanner · May 10

    Thank you, best wishes to you. Wish I was in the south of France too!

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  6. Leo Tanner · May 10

    Your welcome, thank you


  7. Léa · May 10

    I do understand. There is nowhere like it. As an artist, or art lover, you might enjoy the following link. http://www.carrieres-lumieres.com/


  8. Leo Tanner · May 10

    Thank you!

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  9. Don Urban · June 5

    Best wishes!


  10. Leofwine Tanner · June 5



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