December 18 1912 — The Fraud of the ‘Piltdown Man’

Photo by Chris J Mitchell on The illusive 'missing link' between mankind and the apes has perplexed many in the scientific community and beyond for nearly two hundred years. On December 18 1912 a meeting at the Geological Society of London presented information regarding the supposed discovery of one such specimen, found in the … Continue reading December 18 1912 — The Fraud of the ‘Piltdown Man’

Heaven’s on Fire! Sun Trine Mars – Astrology

The heavens are more positively charged this morning. We may be approaching the New Moon in Leo but early today marks a positive boost from the trine (120 degree) aspect from the Sun and Mercury in fiery Leo to Mars in rampant Aries, both the Sun and Mars in their signs of dignity. We should … Continue reading Heaven’s on Fire! Sun Trine Mars – Astrology

World War 2 Memorial, Ayscoughfee Hall

Recently a new memorial to Spalding's WWII dead was unveiled. It is a masterful, yet understated and fitting tribute to those who gave their lives in the most devastating conflict yet known to mankind. It is also a fine complement to Edwin Lutyens' earlier, more classically styled WW1 memorial, just a few yards away.

Topiary at Ayscoughfee Hall, Spalding

The art of topiary has been practised at Ayscoughfee Hall, Spalding, Lincolnshire, for many decades. One of the joys of a walk around Ayscoughfee Hall grounds is to witness the topiary, done in a fairly unique, almost avant-garde fashion. Or is it prehistoric?

Let’s Celebrate Lincolnshire Churches Festival – Nettleham

Every May in north Lincolnshire in the east of England there is the West Lindsey Churches Festival, 'A Celebration of Open Churches in West Lindsey'.

Discover Spalding’s Ayscoughfee Hall No.1

So how do you pronounce that? Visitors to Spalding in south Lincolnshire usually do a double take when they see the name, 'Ayscoughfee', relating to the wonderful late medieval building in the town centre. Locals naturally all know it's pronounced 'Ascoffey'! Once you get over that hurdle, there is much to admire in this Lincolnshire … Continue reading Discover Spalding’s Ayscoughfee Hall No.1

Amerigo Vespucci – What’s in a Name?

We owe Italy quite a lot really, don't we? Pizza, pasta, risotto, fine wine, passion, flair, fashion style, not to mention the Romans (and yes, what did they ever do for us?) to name but a few. These are things our lives would be far less rich without. Well, some say it was around this … Continue reading Amerigo Vespucci – What’s in a Name?