Escapist Landscapes Pt. 1~ — (Reblog)

Feeling a bit stressed out these days? (The Beagle Channel Argentina). Who isn’t? (Banff National Park, British Columbia), Let’s escape (Coastal Norway), to peaceful places (Vancouver Island, British Columbia), and forget our worries (Zermatt, Switzerland), for awhile (Huahine, French Polynesia). I will do another peaceful images post after this (Yellowstone National Park), because we all […]Escapist … Continue reading Escapist Landscapes Pt. 1~ — (Reblog)

On This Day 218 BC: Hannibal Routs the Romans at Trebia

The first serious encounter of the Second Punic War ended in a decisive victory for Hannibal and his Carthaginian army at Trebia in northern Italy in 218 BC. Whilst the Carthaginian losses were relatively few, the Romans sustained massive casualties, quite possibly losing up to three quarters of their 40,000 strong army.

Poem: ‘München 1980s’

Munich was the revelation, a summer day and sultry night spent on streets full of girls. Americans from Boston, all eyes, all teeth and smiles, never knowing the word 'retreat'. But they froze in the face of my voice, my accent (and so what is that all about?). Not a word to comprehend, though one … Continue reading Poem: ‘München 1980s’