BILLBOARD #1 HITS: #439: ” STAYIN’ ALIVE”- THE BEE GEES – FEBRUARY 4, 1978 — slicethelife (Reblog)

Billboard #1 Hits: #439: ” Stayin’ Alive”- The Bee Gees – February 4, 1978. #1 for 4 weeks in the Billboard Hot 100. Single: ” Stayin’ Alive”- The Bee Gees Record Company- RSO Genre: Disco Written by Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb and Maurice Gibb Time: 3:25 B-side:”If I Can’t Have You” Album- Saturday Night Fever […]

BILLBOARD #1 HITS: #439: ” STAYIN’ ALIVE”- THE BEE GEES – FEBRUARY 4, 1978 — slicethelife

BILLBOARD #1 HITS: #413: “CAR WASH”- ROSE ROYCE – JANUARY 29, 1977 — slicethelife (Reblog)

Billboard #1 Hits: #413: “Car Wash”- Rose Royce. January 29, 1977. #1 for 1 week in Billboard Hot 100. Single: “Car Wash”- Rose Royce Record Company–MCA Genre: Disco- Funk Written by Norman Whitfield Time: 5:06 B-side:”Water” Album- Car Wash: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Grade: B+ Peaked at #1 1 week in Billboard Hot 100. #9 […]

BILLBOARD #1 HITS: #413: “CAR WASH”- ROSE ROYCE – JANUARY 29, 1977 — slicethelife

BILLBOARD #1 HITS: #411: “YOU MAKE ME FEEL LIKE DANCING”- LEO SAYER – JANUARY 15, 1976 — slicethelife (Reblog)

Billboard #1 Hits: #411: “You Make Me Feel Like Dancing”- Leo Sayer. January 15, 1976. #1 1 week in Billboard Hot 100. Single: ” You Make Me Feel Like Dancing”- Leo Sayer Record Company- Warner Bros Genre: Pop, Disco Written by Leo Sayer and Vini Poncia Time: 3:31 B-side:”Magdelena” Album- Endless Flight Grade: B- Peaked […]


#HitsByYears – 1979 — Share Your Light (Reblog)

Last but not least, here are two of my favorite songs of all times. I don’t think I need to explain a lot. Enjoy! I hope you liked the choices I made for that year. Have a great Friday and a happy weekend!

#HitsByYears – 1979 — Share Your Light

Favourite Album Reviews: ‘Aja’ by Steely Dan (Part 2, Side 2)


The continuing story of what I consider to be one of the greatest albums ever, Steely Dan’s ‘Aja’ (MCA) from 1977. If you haven’t seen part 1, check in my blog first.

If side 1 was a tour de force, then side 2 continues slightly differently, with four songs which are in their own way, equally impressive.

‘Peg’ gets going with a much lighter disco feel, compared to side one. It’s fairly typical of the time but done in Steely Dan’s own inimitable way, with attention to detail. It turns out the guitar solo which made it onto the album took some time to finalise, with numerous guitarists auditioning for the ‘role’. Listening to it, I think they made the right choice. This is probably the most ‘commercial’ track on the album.

Classical References

With Track 2, ‘Home At Last’, we’re suddenly, though not surprisingly, in the realms of Homer (the ancient Greek writer, not the cartoon character) and Ulysses (Odysseus), with references to danger on the rocks and being tied to a mast over a bluesy jive that gets your foot a-tapping nicely. Once again the instrumentation, particularly the use of brass, I feel, is second to none. Very much of its time, almost ‘Starsky and Hutch’ in feel.

‘I Got The News’, the second to last track is an ‘angular’ sounding disco number, with those enigmatic, yet fitting lyrics full of innuendo and direct references which are so much a feature of the Dan’s music. There’s a great guitar break too, which belies the track’s disco setting, a feature first perfected I think on their previous album, ‘The Royal Scam’. It’s like they’re letting you know how sophisticated they are – and why not?

Hell Raiser

And so to the last, and certainly not least track on this classic album. ‘Josie’ is one of Steely Dan’s most celebrated songs, a fine R&B number, about a girl the guys simply can’t do without, it would seem, a bit of a hell raiser by the sound of it, who evidently could’ve been present when Nero set fire to Rome in AD 64. This has all the feel of LA and sophistication, the place Becker and Fagen made their home for some time.

Once again though, it’s the jazz inspired elements, like the rather haunting, minimalistic guitar riff/section sandwiching the main part of the track, which sets it apart from what anyone else was doing before or since.

‘Aja’ will always be a classic. Was it the peak of their success? Most definitely, which doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen to ‘Gaucho’, or ‘Two Against Nature’, nor indeed the older back catalogue. It’s just that if I was to recommend one album of this band, it would have to be ‘Aja’. It gets an A+++.

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