New Poem ‘April Promise’

April Promise

Full of April promise
so many times we’d disappear
to where the canal boats moored

make-believing one of them ours
a gypsy craft laden for a simpler life
We’d found our own place to dream

saw the naked sun step down to play
to dance on daisy-strewn fields
leaving us to lay by a twisting stream

cradled by heavy blossom trees
unable to face an unpalatable truth
The holes it burned in our maudlin minds

like never-healing wounds
more vulnerable than the blossom
which fell into torrents below

So it is that a few fine April days
are quickly gone
They never presage a fine summer to come

© copyright David Francis Barker 2011

Unseasonal, I know, but those of us entrenched in the northern hemisphere might want to think of spring.


Ghazal?: ‘A picture of you’

A picture of you

you cupping daffodils in sacred space
this picture of you framed in sacred space

yes I’m dreaming of spring, of light, of warmth!
a new life together, our sacred space

we’ve returned like birds in hope of new life
preparing for love in lush sacred space

what peace there may be, let’s find it again
near where the lilies grow, their sacred space

here, walking free, he whispers words of love
so we join him to share his sacred space

© copyright David Francis Barker 2011

*This has been work in progress for many months, but like all poetry I now abandon it, at least in this form.
Whether it can still be called a ghazal, I’m not sure. The last verse originally had a full reference to me, but I changed it to the third person and left it as the phrase ‘walking free’, which is a weak link to Francis, my middle name, which could mean ‘free man’, or perhaps, ‘little Frenchman’! Anyway, the original idea was to imagine Saint Francis in a garden with the birds but I guess it has morphed now into a romantic wish with hints of Francis walking somewhere in a beautiful garden, which might well be a nice place to be.
The painting (or a part of it) is my take, an impression if you will, of Monet and his water lilies, mixed media on canvas.

A New Book by Milly Reynolds!
There is a new book out by Milly Reynolds. I helped design the cover for kindle.
This is a bit of a departure for Milly, who has hitherto developed the character of Mike Malone, the quirky English detective with an odd past, who struggles to come to terms with life in rural Lincolnshire – a far more dangerous place than he envisaged!
‘The Unseen Sky’ is a longer, more romantic and historical work. The main character is a melancholic painter who accepts an invitation to visit his friend and agent in Venice. While there he meets his agent’s daughter Maria for the first time in two years, who has become a beautiful young woman. Then issues from the past which he had tried to forget, begin to re-emerge; the mystery of a friend’s disappearance, the intrigue of Maria’s family history, all interweaving through scenes of romantic Venetian canals and the windswept but gorgeous North Norfolk coast. A lovely read.