West Lindsey Church Festival 2019 – Minting St. Andrew in Pictures, Part 2

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A collection of old Bibles.

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English Parish Churches, Lincolnshire – Minting Saint Andrew, Part 1

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The church at Minting was rebuilt in 1863, though the chancel retains medieval work.


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As with many places around this area of Lincolnshire, there are the remains of a former monastery; in this case a Benedictine priory.

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English Churches: Bardney, Lincolnshire

A celebration in pictures of the glory of English ecclesiastical heritage.

There are very strong connections to the Royal Air Force in Lincolnshire, Bardney being no exception.
There are some very old, fascinating features in the church of Saint Lawrence.


There’s a display of some of the stone from the former abbey at Bardney.


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Bardney Church, Lincolnshire – A Celebration in Pictures, Part 2

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Inside the church there are echoes of Bardney’s former glory as the place of an important monastery. This whole region of Lincolnshire was at one time littered with abbeys, priories and nunneries.

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Celebration of Lincolnshire Churches 2019 – Bardney, Part 1


We recently visited the West Lindsey Churches Festival. One of the most interesting was Bardney’s Church of Saint Lawrence.


The church is impressive with a large nave, indicative of this settlement’s once important though now long dissolved abbey.

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As in all the churches in West Lindsey, there were stalls with items for sale, as well as food and drink.


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