New Poem ‘Morning List’

Morning List

Aromas of snuffed out candles
A new bar of soap
The fix of fresh black coffee
A warm fruit teacake
smothered in melting butter

First sight and smell
of the salty sea

© copyright David Francis Barker 2011

19 thoughts on “New Poem ‘Morning List’

  1. 🙂 Those sensations are so uplifting! To have them sensed all in one morning! What a start…

    I also love this painting, it’s tender colours 🙂

    One for the Poetry from the Sea blog! (I hope! )


  2. Thank you so much! Yes, it would be good, wouldn’t it? Can’t say I’ve been there today either… except in my imagination! At least we’ve got that. I am acquainting myself with your site now. Thank you!


  3. Your work sometimes reminds me of Robert Hass – one of my favorite poets. If you’ve never read him, go to a library or a book store and pick up his book “Time and Materials”. It’s really short, but it’s an experience.


  4. Thank you James. I very much appreciate your comments. I know a little about Robert Hass, seen him read a few things on TV etc, but I’ve never read much about him, let alone have one of his books, so I thank you for pointing him out – I will have a look!


  5. A gorgeous vignette of a very happy time – it is easy to write sad things, not so easy to write joyous things as you have done! Evocative smells and images – I am so impressed.


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