Poem ‘Southside’


seabird shadows play
across my drawn curtains

a minimalist drama
upon which I intrude

car tyres scrunch by
like slowly tearing paper

gulls’ insistent cries describe
someone sparing food

© copyright David Francis Barker 2011

*The poem was inspired by last winter.

**The illustration this time is a photograph I took at Bempton Cliffs, Yorkshire, England, of gannets, which has been manipulated.


31 thoughts on “Poem ‘Southside’

  1. David,

    This illustration is breathtaking! Almost as good as being there. I love Bempton Cliffs! We have spent hours there over the years with the children; I haven’t visited there for ages; I think, maybe, they beckon!

    And your poem is exquisite. The first two lines told me it was going to be a winner!

    Wonderful! Especially as here today we have very stormy weather and are told it is set to get worse this evening.; As my dad used to say from his seafaring days” its time to batten down the hatches”!



  2. Hi Christine – and thank you once again! Yes, Bempton is wonderful. I am a bit of a birder so it’s great to visit there when I can. It is very much gannet city these days, along with razorbills, fulmars, kittiwakes etc… and the occasional puffin. Thank you again!


  3. David, I really wish you would add this URL to your gravatar and twitter profiles. Anyway, I THINK I have finally set all buttons so as to receive email notifications of your new posts here. Because I would have been SO disappointed not to be aware of this particular post. The painting is beyond evocative of my own childhood in a field on family errands against a backdrop of almost-haunting trees. The manipulated photo illustration of the gannets over the rocks will play against the drawn curtains of my mind’s eye for many a winter day here in NW Alabama! Thank you for this most generous sharing of yourself!


  4. Wonderful images in this piece, David. I’m particularly liking the car tires like tearing paper, that’s a description I haven’t thought of before. Love the photo, too. A first glance I thought it was a photo but, then I was certain it was a painting…awesome editing.


  5. I love the poem, it is so evocative. I can hear and see the gulls, the lines “a minimalist drama upon which I intrude” describes how us humans spend most of our lives!


  6. Lovely poetry and beautiful paintings full of mood and atmosphere. Am a disabled artist and am lucky enough to posess a couple of pieces of your work. I look at them each day, they inspire me to paint and try to capture the big beautifull Norfolk skies i live under. Thank you for that. Your work gives me a boost and reminds me of the beauty about me ready to be captured in all mediums.


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