Poem ‘Face’


The face of winter
hangs rigid like death
pinching my ears
stabbing at my nose

Plumes of steam
from concrete slits
blur hunchback figures
shuffling through
the matte scenes
in ashen white

I’m looking for heat
flicking ash
on lunar prints
sealed in fortnight ice
waiting for steel facades
and great sheens of glass
to emanate your face
from rippling sepia shapes

poem and image © copyright David Francis Barker 2012
image digitally created

25 thoughts on “Poem ‘Face’

  1. That’s what I see when I think of what it looks like when you get to Heaven and I’m not at all being sappy or sentimental. Amazing.

    Splendid, David. Splendid.


  2. Some terrific images and feelings here, David. Something I would feel in a “normal” Upstate New York winter…stil waiting, this year.

    I’m intrigued by the illustration. Looks so much like a watercolor done on a sopping wet page. Beautifully captures the figures backlit through the steam. Just great!


  3. Hi – thank you so much! Well, I have to admit, I was a little influenced by American movies, and listening to Steely Dan (who, although they wrote a lot about LA were from NY of course!). I’d also been looking at the cover of Pretzel Logic, one of my favourites, and that helped. Thank you once again.


  4. This is so dreamlike I had to pinch myself to remind myself of the cold! The dreamy steamy painting is more than wonderful. You always amaze me, inspire me, lift me up out of myself, DF.


  5. This is such a vividly imaged poem, David – I had to go put a sweater on! That stark, “stabbing” cold, as I imagine would be felt by a homeless person, “looking for heat” – and,

    waiting for steel facades
    and great sheens of glass
    to emanate your face
    from rippling sepia shapes

    gives one pause. Is this person waiting for the emanation of his own reflection? Waiting for the face of hope? Or of resignation and death?

    Great poem!!


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