Roman childhood

Milly Reynolds – Crime Fiction Author

Isn’t nice to see that Roman parents had the same problems as us? Although, I would hate it if anyone ever described me as pushy.

Don’t you ever wonder which children had/have the best childhood. Is it the Roman child who did not have the ‘luxury’ of an x-box but was taught literature, taught to question and discuss or is it the child of today who has freedom but prefers the quick fix of a video game to a good book?

However, I did find it funny – and sad – to read of the Roman difficulties when it came to contraception.

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3 thoughts on “Roman childhood

  1. This poem brings up the age old issue of comparing the days of the past- to the moment of now. Can we compare the days of past and what we ‘don’t’ know of them, to the days of ‘now’ and what we don’t know? l am thrilled your writings bring me musings.
    peace, sarah


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