Poem ‘Harmonium’


You cut the harmonium strings
and I’ll tie them up each time,
pedals getting higher and higher
till almost vertical, unplayable.
And for what?
Does it spoil your peace?
Do my attempts at sounds,
at music, offend you so?
This family doesn’t do talent, I know.
There is only work.
But you needn’t have worried:
When I came down today
there was this space, gaping,
and through the kitchen window
I saw the fire in the yard,
the contented man, smoking

Β© copyright df barker 2012


34 thoughts on “Poem ‘Harmonium’

  1. ugh man…that kills that they burned the harmonium…ugh…and you know i hope that hurdle make him work all the harder…a real lmusician will def over come the obstacles….nice one….


  2. I’ve been left alone in my back yard with notebook and pen and those strange eyes looking thru the window just shaking their heads…this leads my mind to wander down more than one path, with more than one song as soundtrack. Wonderful!


  3. heck…this is a fantastic david…the cutting and tying up…the frustration and questions..felt write with a great closure picture


  4. Hi David
    Although I find it a great poem, I also think this is very sad … Burning a harmonium?? Awful!


  5. David, like others have said, a sad poem – but so brilliantly written! Powerful, last lines, as it sinks in what happened.
    (This reminds me of my first husband, decades ago, who couldn’t stand listening to me play classical music on the piano downstairs, so upstairs he’d turn the stereo up high. Ha!! I wasn’t that good, but neither was his heavy metal rock music. πŸ™‚ )
    Thank you for sharing this!


  6. Thank you Soma! I do appreciate it – I will be taking a break from blogging for a while now but I will be sure to catch up on your lovely posts when I get back!


  7. Thank you very much Betty! We do suffer for our art, don’t we? I will be taking a break from blogging for a while now, but I will make sure to see what you’ve been doing when I get back. Thank you!


  8. Gave me shivers…felt like the dismembering and burning of a person…a musical instrument can have such a connecting life to a person. Very powerful, David!


  9. It’s too bad music isn’t appreciated, but your words are very powerful and honest; wonderfully written, David, and I apologize for my absence. I’m really behind, but will always be back to read your work! Still reading… πŸ™‚


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