Poem ‘Floss’


And I followed you,
holding desperately your trailing hand.
From dodgem screams in head-on collision,
to long kisses on carousels,
sitting the wrong way—
facing you,
holding you—
Yes, I was daring you!
That smile behind your eyes like a loving sun
which I met devouring candy floss,
sugar highs spinning lips together,
meeting and melting our cares;
suspended in ghost trains,
scaring you, opportune for me.
And later, strolling slick sands,
the far bass thuds
tripping our hearts,
setting off our lives:
Still in motion

poem © copyright df barker 2012


51 thoughts on “Poem ‘Floss’

  1. oh this is lovely…never kissed someone on a carousel…but sounds wonderfully romantic.. love the mood in this…love and fun and depth..


  2. mmm nice…kisses on the carousel…up there close to the stars you know, a bit of magic can happen at the fair…and you never know where that might lead…playfully romantic..i like…


  3. Yes, get your girlfriend (boyfriend) to sit on same horse facing each other – being small helps, mad too, but my imagination is one of my better ‘gifts’!


  4. Lots of good stuff here, but it’s the simple pumping of a line like ” the far bass thuds” which nails the piece to the ground for me… I like.


  5. lots of nice visuals, really like how it’s written and being addressed to another. Really nice read. Thanks


  6. sugar highs spinning lips together,
    meeting and melting our cares;

    For me these lines were the catalyst your poem seemed to crystallise around. Lovely.


  7. With all the time I spent at fairgrounds as a kid, you’d think I would have a fair romance story. But no–still too nerdy then, I guess! If I did have one, I hope it would be like this.


  8. 🙂 Lovely and romantic! I always wondered why boys dare so much, getting themselves in danger, but now I realize, it is to impress girls 🙂 never thought of that.


  9. An interesting set of ideas, particularly fairgrounds as opportunity. I think we all felt that when we went to them as children or teenagers – anything could happen there.


  10. superb written romantic poem, David, which brings back lots of memories from my teenage days. . Thank you so much for sharing your delightful poem.

    Ciao, Francina


  11. Childhood sweethearts at a seaside playground is what I am seeing as I read these lines. Thanks for the memories of watching my own small children at play along the Gulf of Mexico beaches near Mobile, Alabama!


  12. This is lovely and whimsical and romantic, David! Really enjoyed it. And here is a beautiful line…’That smile behind your eyes like a loving sun’


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