Poem: ‘Turning’


Is there a point where the tide
a moment that I could see, or touch?
I’ve been looking
at tables giving times, exact
minutes of apogee, and it was
just here I’m sure,
right here,
where I pointed
and watched
and saw nothing, except
the foam stretch ahead of me
like phantom silk, all
along the buff triassic sand, as far
as I could see or walk.
“That’s where the waves
stop,” you said, “where the tide
turns back to the sea – and me.”

image and poem © copyright David F. Barker


10 thoughts on “Poem: ‘Turning’

  1. David, I LOVE this beautiful poem! I too have often wondered about that exact moment when the tide turns – and sometimes you can almost feel it.
    (Glad to find myself on your blog once again – your paintings are always a delight as well as your poetry.)


  2. Thank you Betty, I very much appreciate it. Hope spring has started where you are – it’s barely above freezing still here! 😦


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