a very skilled assassin — Daydreaming as a profession (Reblog)

The way she’d creep up on you and just appear from behind like some cat, you’d think she was some trained assassin or something I felt her punch my shoulder and then her other hand falling on my nape and squeezing “Hey, lucky boy. You should be so damn glad you ran into me.” In the fist that hit my shoulder she held a bunch of crumpled bills and brought them before my eyes “What’s that?” I said “Our tickets to the bar down the street. And you’ve the honor to accompany me there. Drinks are on me today. But you do owe me, don’t think otherwise, okay?” “Where’d you get that money?” I asked. “Why’s it so dirty?” “I stole ’em from Ol’ Horn Nose while he was taking a shit.” “What?” Ol’ Horn Nose was the homeless guy who roamed around the block, usually begging in front of the supermarkets and pharmacies She brought the fist to her nose and smelled the bills and then shrugged “You can’t be serious,” I said. Of course I didn’t believe her but just then the old man rounds the corner and spots us and points his crooked finger at us and screams Immediately two cops round the corner and approach us with big strides but by the time they get to us there’s only me The assassin girl was gone I haven’t seen her since but she does cross my mind every now and then Especially when I pay with cash at the bar

a very skilled assassin — Daydreaming as a profession

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