EVERY BILLBOARD HOT 100 SINGLE 1970: #537: “NO MATTER WHAT”- BADFINGER — slicethelife (Reblog)

Every Billboard Hot 100 Single 1970: #537- “No Matter What”- Badfinger. October 31, 1970. Single: “No Matter What”- Badfinger Record Company- Apple Genre: Pop Written by Pete Ham Time: 2:57 B-side:” Carry On Till Tomorrow” Album- No Dice Grade: A+ Peaked at #8 12 weeks in Billboard Hot 100. Badfinger- a rock band from Sawnsea, […]


Complementary (Tentative Diagnosis of Synesthesia)

Photo by David Bartus on Pexels.com

Dragon on vert
poppy resonance dancing
Tuesday shimmering, bleeding
blood-high on grass smoking
in Cambrian mountains
or Vietnam
through Afghanistan’s
fields’ perfumery
stains on reverse strata
of Snowdon’s peak, or Cambodia
covered in skulls
stacked dens of white hopium
masquerading as lines of snow
conquerors’ castles
morsels of stone
demolishing molars
of the starving
in unbearable agony
— Boudica still scowling, raging,
deafening blue woad on faces
bearing banners
golden torque cast
crushed under studded caligae
mass burials’ deep turf
dredging bone from mud

Sixties’ grass, love child
in fifty shades
acid ancestors calling
thudding on our spine “wake up!”
their history burned —
your future denied
Stand firm in dissolution
on Sunday’s black evening

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dVerse: Meeting The Bar: Synesthesia

Music Box – ‘Llwyn Onn’ ( ‘The Ash Grove’ ) – Côr Meibion Treorci – Treorchy Male Voice Choir — Art, Photography and Poetry

Famous Welsh Folk Song/ Cân Traddodiadol Cymraeg Geiriau/ Lyrics: Yn Nyffryn Llwyn Onn draw mi welais hardd feinwenA minnau’n hamddena ‘rol byw ar y don;Gwyn ewyn y lli oedd ei gwisg, a disgleirwenA’r glasfor oedd llygaid Gwen harddaf Llwyn Onn.A ninnau’n rhodiana drwy’r lonydd i’r banna,Sibrydem i’n gilydd gyfrinach byd serch;A phan ddaeth hi’n adeg […]

via Music Box – ‘Llwyn Onn’ ( ‘The Ash Grove’ ) – Côr Meibion Treorci – Treorchy Male Voice Choir — Art, Photography and Poetry

The Beeching Railway Cuts Are Still A Disaster Today in 2020, Especially for Wales

conwy castle
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The Beeching Review and cuts of the British railway system from 1963 were simply catastrophic.

They encapsulate the ludicrous notions and false economies of the time, executive decisions which were and are still made without due thought of the social, environmental and economic consequences.

After all, the British railway system had been nationalised since the late 1940s; the system as a whole, if run properly, was surely highly profitable and the whole idea of nationalisation (to my mind) is for the ‘stronger’, busier, more profitable areas to help out and support financially the ‘weaker’ ones – common sense, one would think, part and parcel of joined up thinking of governments which, one would hope, were doing the bidding of the people who elected it. Not a chance.

body of water
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Instead, large areas of Great Britain were left devoid of rail services, especially the outlying areas.

But it seems to me and hosts of others that Wales was the most hit, where only three major lines were left and none connecting the highly populated south to the rest of the principality.

Wales became a nation divided, without any efficient road link connecting north to south. The effects of these cuts, from which we have not recovered from even yet throughout the United Kingdom, were simply devastating.

abandoned forest industry nature
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Wales left divided by Beeching cuts

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