Haiku: Stumps

Photo by Andy Vu on Pexels.com Wandering desertsNo one misses mesa stumpsTruth like lightening bolts Copyright Francis 2022

Poetry: ‘King Hobo’

Photo by Ian Beckley on Pexels.com Narcissus can’t hold a candleto me,at once both King of Colorado --entitled hobo of Nowhere.Look there! That’s my face in the sky,cacti and mesas my sole friends,watching while I sift through the shardsof cultures few suspect.Though none believe me now, richesand the future are mine;these silent silver crafthaunting me,they’ll … Continue reading Poetry: ‘King Hobo’

Me? In A Red Corvette?

I look at this red Corvette most days, pick it up and look at the lines, imagining I'm somewhere in the Mid West cruising along Route 66, or some long open highway with only mesas, inselbergs and the odd raptor for company, the shapes of distant mountains blue in the background.

Poem: Red Dress (Distant Thunder)

Got me in a fix again, I see a white rider in the sky. Mesa mountain and inselberg draw me where no avatar can lie. I got a seat on a wagon train for free, hazel eyes stare back in fright. Overhead the milky way guides me, sacred spirit of the night. By the dirt … Continue reading Poem: Red Dress (Distant Thunder)