39 thoughts on “Poem ‘A Time of Dreams’

  1. Hi David,

    what a wonderful feeling to wake up with 🙂 Lovely poem as always!

    “When finally I awoke, it was another age” – I can relate to that experience, I once fainted when I was 15, and I found myself in the Swiss Alps, flying like a bird lol. When I woke up, it was as if years had gone by. In fact, just some minutes had!

    Have you ever been in California?


  2. Ina, I thank you once again! You had a very interesting experience! Sadly (?), no I haven’t been to California… except in my dreams. 😉


  3. David, this is a most beautiful, haunting poem.

    “Fingers spanning epochs
    flattened into inches”

    A wonderful line.

    I am sorry to have missed a few of your posts but the flu wiped me out and it’s just too much trying to catch up. I would have to catch up equally with everyone and there are just too many!! But I am back and that’s the main thing, raring to go and enjoy your beautiful creativity.

    Christine x


  4. The beloved never dies to our hearts. As a frequent visitor to the American Southwest while raising my two children, I very much appreciate your “walking on the mesas” in this poem with us.


  5. Cacti & succulents, compelling beauties in nature, as they descended from the oceans, tolerate weather extremes & possess unique defenses against their enemies…


  6. First, I apologize for getting you name wrong. I used what was in your URL.

    David, this is the sort of poem that I absolutely love, the thing that comes from spirit and heart and not a think of the mind. It’s pure and true. Absolutely lovely. Thank you!


  7. Wow, David, this is incredible writing; esp. the verse below, however, the entire poem is amazing!

    “my spine square to red earth;
    you were there in each rock,
    the cactus, every molecule of air,
    in the eagle’s eye lasering my soul”.


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