39 thoughts on “Poem ‘A Time of Dreams’

  1. Hi David,

    what a wonderful feeling to wake up with 🙂 Lovely poem as always!

    “When finally I awoke, it was another age” – I can relate to that experience, I once fainted when I was 15, and I found myself in the Swiss Alps, flying like a bird lol. When I woke up, it was as if years had gone by. In fact, just some minutes had!

    Have you ever been in California?


  2. Finding the most natural thing in the presence of such forceful nature – I like to think we’ve all enjoyed the ectasy of such a moment. Beautifully captured!


  3. Ina, I thank you once again! You had a very interesting experience! Sadly (?), no I haven’t been to California… except in my dreams. 😉


  4. David, this is a most beautiful, haunting poem.

    “Fingers spanning epochs
    flattened into inches”

    A wonderful line.

    I am sorry to have missed a few of your posts but the flu wiped me out and it’s just too much trying to catch up. I would have to catch up equally with everyone and there are just too many!! But I am back and that’s the main thing, raring to go and enjoy your beautiful creativity.

    Christine x


  5. The beloved never dies to our hearts. As a frequent visitor to the American Southwest while raising my two children, I very much appreciate your “walking on the mesas” in this poem with us.


  6. Cacti & succulents, compelling beauties in nature, as they descended from the oceans, tolerate weather extremes & possess unique defenses against their enemies…


  7. First, I apologize for getting you name wrong. I used what was in your URL.

    David, this is the sort of poem that I absolutely love, the thing that comes from spirit and heart and not a think of the mind. It’s pure and true. Absolutely lovely. Thank you!


  8. Wow, David, this is incredible writing; esp. the verse below, however, the entire poem is amazing!

    “my spine square to red earth;
    you were there in each rock,
    the cactus, every molecule of air,
    in the eagle’s eye lasering my soul”.


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