Poem ‘Odd Couple’

Odd Couple

Brothers they may be,
an odd couple
more like

As cats
they own everything
and nothing
and I am a function
in their lives—
something to coax
to cajole to feeding bowls
and ever higher levels
of acceptance
and comfort

And don’t they know too
that all is forgiven?

poem and image © copyright dfbarker 2012

44 thoughts on “Poem ‘Odd Couple’

  1. Hi David

    what a sweet picture of the brothers, and lovely poem 🙂

    The last sentence tells me all about cats lol 🙂


  2. As a race we’d do well to aspire to “ever higher levels of acceptance and comfort”. 🙂

    Lovely poem David!


  3. Thank you Claudia – and yes, I think we should live like that. For all our human intelligence, we are not very wise. 😉


  4. Those two cats never thought there was anything to forgive, in the first place. They are always in the right, don’t you know? Wonderful enjoyment of our feline family members here, DF!


  5. As an extreme cat lover David, this has to be one of my favourites!

    You haven’t needed many words to capture the nature of cats perfectly. I love, love, love this poem and what a fab picture to go with it! They are so lovely, amusing, loving(on their terms of course!), fascinating and just wonderful creatures.

    Curiosity has me! – What are their names?



  6. Thank you Christine, very much! Well, the one on the left is Venice and the one on the right is Milan, christened by my son when he was 13 (cats are 8 now) when he was into all things Italian! They’re both toms but we thought Venice was a female because he looked so much like his mum – then we checked. Oops!


  7. Cats rule because they are PhD’s in psychology, know behavior shaping and practice it with expertise, the envy of any human being who elects to notice…


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