Poem ‘Date’


One day there you were,
a diamond in my mind’s eye;
the little lady with strong dark eyes,
such verve, obligatory husky voice.
I’d rehearsed all my moves – you know,
the walk, the talk,
washed my hair especially,
three year old conditioner and all.
I knew I had to be special,
for you,
to be that all-singing male mix
of strength, humour and vulnerability
(frankly, nigh on impossible
unless your name is Depp).
Little wonder then I’d always disappoint,
fall flat, look a fool,
but tonight I didn’t –
because you didn’t turn up! –
unless you were that sexy bass player,
the little lady winking at me
with those dark gleaming eyes?

© copyright dfbarker 2012

*This is almost totally a product of the imagination!
Any events which might have inspired this occurred many years ago.

**The image is a digital creation

40 thoughts on “Poem ‘Date’

  1. so cool david…the three year old conditioner cracked me up…and i bet she was that sexy bass player..this lady poetry has so many faces..sometimes she looks like johnny depp..smiles..and this gets highly inspirational then…smiles


  2. hi David lol this is both funny and splendid 🙂 I love the image too. You should have gone for the bass player! At least she was there and she winked?


  3. Lovely! I especially liked the idea of rehearsing the moves, and also the impossible male combination of strength, humour and vulnerability. Nice job!


  4. D.F. just entranced by the glittery digital creation you posted here today! I am speaking of both the enhanced photo and the enhanced memory of youth romantic aspirations! Very gently amusing and evocative of so many youthful misperceptions of oneself!


  5. Loved the image and the photo and smiled at the 3 yr old conditioner! Wonderful imagination or true to life! Maybe you should write a “Date Two” starring the sexy bass player! 🙂


  6. You have quite a following here. I would have responded to you when you visited my site but your comments did not link somehow so I will thank you here. You have wonderful paintings and words to go with and I see you are published as well. Perhaps my site did not link as I have my own domain now at http://reneejustturtleflight.com In any case I will try to visit here to see what you have posted.


  7. I think we’ve all been here David, the tension, the anticipation of a date, which I assure you, as a woman, is every bit as nerve-wracking as it is for a man! The visual of this poem, I especially love. The colouring is stunning, as are the subtle light spots which make it explode. Wonderful!


  8. Wonderful writing. I just love all the detail you included, how the scene came alive. You paint scenes beautifully with your words.


  9. Wonderful poetry, David! And I just LOVE the image… I had to scroll back up when I’d read the poem to look at it again – it’s enchanting.


  10. hi david. “washed my hair especially,
    three year old conditioner and all” – favorite verse. enjoyed it all.
    my husband is still grossed out when i tell him what a hillbilly i used to b growing up. smile.


  11. This is great–and I love the nod to the Depp-ster. (Fortunately it only took a year for me to get over him, and return to my first-always love…)


  12. This is fun, David. I don’t know is it worse to wonder what might have been or to see that inevitable falling flat come to fruition? Hmmm… I think I could be the female version of this speaker. 😀 Love the art piece…it adds a nice touch to the poetry.


  13. what a good date night, winks from her. i enjoyed your stamp on an iconic situation: getting stood up after hoping for so much. you have a payoff at the end and it’s quite an enjoyable piece. the art is really appealing.


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