Poem ‘Think of Me’

Think of me

please pay your respects
to the dust trodden into carpets,
ingrained in chairs
and in curtains,
all along these tired window ledges

Then will you write my name
on the dusty shelves
where my books used to lie?
For in truth
they were more surely me

image and poem Β© copyright dfbarker 2012

41 thoughts on “Poem ‘Think of Me’

  1. Hi David, lovely poem, your name written in dust where your books once where, that is a great thought and image.
    I like your book case, and would love to nose in those books about history.


  2. Hey, David. Fantastic. I’ve thought about this myself and do believe that the books we own can say so much about who we are and what we care about. Great subject for a poem…honoring what has been left behind. Love the image of a name being drawn in the dust.


  3. Oh I loved it David..I own more books than anything else and trust me when i say this poem represents me as well..have given clear instructions after I am gone how my books will be stored and donated to this one particular person who cherishes them just like I do….
    this poem is Bliss πŸ™‚


  4. David,

    This is lovely. I can see the dust circling in the sunshine among your books and all the memories held therein.

    Im sorry to have missed so much of your lovely work. The flu well and truly knocked me out.



  5. Thank you Christine once again! Glad to hear that you are on the mend, the flu can be dreadful, I know. Take it easy. πŸ™‚


  6. David, This is a poem I can relate to, although perhaps not so much today as in the past. When Kevin died my ability to read waned for over a year, and it has only slowly returned. WordPress and the poetry I’ve read in pages like yours has brought back my love of reading, but for most of my life reading, outside of Ethel and my family, has been my greatest passion. Our home is filled with books in every room…
    For in truth
    they were more surely me
    Great poem.


  7. You’d like my book shelves, as I do yours! My “collection” is important to me, and I think in many ways this poem feels like my thoughts. I enjoyed photography as your piece of art today! You have such creativity in all πŸ™‚ Debra


  8. I love this, too, David…

    “Then will you write my name
    on the dusty shelves
    where my books used to lie?
    For in truth
    they were more surely me”

    We are also a house of books, so this resonates with me, as well. So beautifully written and perfect image!


  9. Yes, books surround me too, those I have read and loved and defined my life by, so many waiting for my time and attention, waiting to turn me towards myself.

    ‘For in truth
    they were more surely me’


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