Poem ‘City Nights’


City Nights

Though your faces
change these same streets
remain. Same high
sights in floodlit stone,
city nights abased
by brawls and chilli fights
in queues

Where were you when
I was this green
and victim?
Your fashion is the masque
of fools, disguises nothing;
your life like mine is
still waste

But somehow you’re
Laugh in my face and deride
my reticence— won’t you!
So it always
was, for soon the dreaming
is done

© copyright df barker 2012

12 thoughts on “Poem ‘City Nights’

  1. oh so true the city life its sometimes feels like watching a face train ..strangers close for seconds and then gone and the streets mock..the indifference is painful but on every hoarding
    beautiful poetry David 🙂


  2. Oh, strong voice coming through here David! (How have you been, it’s been a while hasn’t it? :)) Love the chilli fight line – I feel like this one comes from first hand experience at the slightly darker side of night-life!


  3. “Your life like mine is
    still waste”

    Such a great line. It stands well on its own or in the context of the two previous lines. Thought-provoking line breaks too, well executed. Great work!


  4. Hi Eve and thanks very much! Well, you’ve been busy, haven’t you? 😉 I might’ve missed one or two of yours lately, apologies if I have and I’ll try to catch up, not that I’ve got any excuses really, it’s just that your whole day could get taken up with blogging, if you’re not careful…


  5. Indeed it can, not to worry! I’ve got the world of catching up to do – but it’s nice to be able to go through my blogs with peace of mind. 🙂 Good to read you again!


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