Poem: Girl with a Cello


In a diamond city night we’re
taxied through floodlit streets

angled snow alabasters old facades
medieval histories beyond all guessing

Flanders is frozen outside this misted glass
the two of us sitting nose to nose

our tongues loosening aperitif smiles
white burgundy cutting through brie

making heads light and cheeks flush
and toe touch toe

Our eyes meet when bare soul strokes calf
kissing slim fingers one by one

plied each day to taut cello strings
sneak previews to plots and suites of night

image and poem © copyright David F. Barker

* sorry, but this is an oldie!




  1. brian miller · December 15, 2012

    our tongues loosening aperitif smiles
    white burgundy cutting through brie
    and toe touch toe….really nice intimacy in this…
    our sould strokes calf…kissing each finger…dang…

    diamond city night & floodlit streets are great descriptives as well…


  2. wolfsrosebud · December 15, 2012

    seems you’ve caught a moment in time


  3. claudia · December 15, 2012

    hmmm nice…beautifully sensual…loved esp. the …love that you include taste as well


  4. Ina · December 15, 2012

    It is lovely every time i read it 🙂


  5. dfb · December 15, 2012

    Thanks Ina, thank heaven it was only imaginary!


  6. Ina · December 15, 2012



  7. Wendell A. Brown · December 15, 2012

    And it always sounds good again when read!


  8. tashtoo · December 15, 2012

    Oh…this is just fantastic! An oldie…but a goodie!


  9. Miriam E. · December 15, 2012

    magically delicious. thank you for this treat.


  10. pandamoniumcat · December 16, 2012

    Just a lovely write.


  11. Laurie Kolp · December 16, 2012

    How romantic!


  12. Three Well Beings · December 16, 2012

    I really like this! I didn’t realize until I read the last line that I’d been smiling all the way through the reading! And the cello painting is stunning!


  13. Mama Zen · December 16, 2012

    Gorgeous work!


  14. Poet Laundry · December 16, 2012

    Deliciously described. My favorite line: “Flanders is frozen outside this misted glass”…enchanting!


  15. David King · December 16, 2012

    angled snow alabasters old facades

    Cracking line – if you’ll forgive the inverted pun.


  16. brudberg · December 16, 2012

    Lovely, this is a very nice description. And “white burgundy cuttin Brie” really pulled me into your story.


  17. Jamie Dedes · December 20, 2012

    I can almost taste the brie.


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