Celebrating English and Lincolnshire Churches – Apley: Small is Beautiful

DSC_0013 - Edited

Apley’s church of Saint Andrew really is a little gem.

When we arrived there we were astonished to see just how small it was. There were cars outside, but was there really anyone inside? I mean, how many could you get in there?

Well, it turns out that, on occasion, there are up to 15 worshippers, and there are often christenings too. So as far as the Apley community and ourselves are concerned, small is beautiful.

DSC_0016 - Edited

Apley is a small hamlet between Lincoln and Horncastle, nestled in the gently rolling hills of north-central Lincolnshire, the historic riding of Lindsey that used to be a kingdom in its own right about thirteen hundred years ago.

DSC_0021 - Edited.jpg

That said, it was not too easy for us to find, but it’s well worth a visit. The church, for such a limited space, could boast many items of interest, see photographs.

DSC_0019 - Edited

And once more, we were treated royally by our hosts!

DSC_0017 - Edited

copyright Leofwine Tanner 2019

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