Poem ‘Between Lives’

Between Lives

“We are the sun,” you said,
that his light arose with us
playing on rainbows,
his myriad smiles the spangled waves.
In those days thoughts were endless,
vibrant pages which turned by themselves.
There were no limits to how far we’d run
or dream out onto the sea,
our hearts living free in a peerless sky.
But thoughts like books do have an end
and I have died a billion times,
holding on to every word you said,
like a child might ask a question
between the pages of his lives

poem and image © copyright Francis Barker 2012 & 2020

57 thoughts on “Poem ‘Between Lives’

  1. “Holding on to every word you said.” we do that with people we miss. We do that with God’s holy word, if we are wise, if we are not to succumb to “dying a billion times over.” Or were you speaking of all the deaths of all men? Hmmmm…..

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  2. Hi David, what a beautiful dreamy and melancholic poem, the sunny days that passed “vibrant pages which turned by themselves” …
    To have known days like that! 🙂


  3. Thank you Granbee – I guess it’s how you want to interpret it. Perhaps every day is like being reborn? You are very kind.


  4. Thank you Betty! I’ve had this one hanging around a month or two, wasn’t sure what to do with it. Glad you like it, I am always grateful to you.


  5. I really love this painting! My favorite times are the ocean with my two granddaughters, and that’s who I see in this wonderful painting. I love the poem, too, and find the way you pair the two really quite moving. Debra


  6. I particularly wanted to comment on your post “Why Do I Paint? Cezanne – that’s why” but couldn’t find a way of doing so. I’ve commented here instead. I found the post very moving with themes very close to my heart.

    I was also reminded of Steven Pressfield’s words in ‘The War of Art’: “Friends sometimes ask, “Don’t you get lonely sitting by yourself all day?” At first it seemed odd to hear myself answer No. Then I realized that I was not alone; I was in the book; I was with the characters. I was with my Self.”

    I am looking forward to the UK release of Susan Cain’s book “Quiet’ which is about the experience of being an introvert and its special value. Something special shines out of your paintings.

    Warm regards,



  7. Peter – thank you so much! Susan Cain’s book sounds very interesting. I’ve often wondered that the world ‘might be a better place’ if there were more introverts. I tend to float between being outgoing and introversion. And yes, although I do find myself out and about doing other things quite often, yes, I like time to myself. Thank you.


  8. “Vibrant pages which turned by themselves” – this line stood out so very much for me David, I love it and the whole poem too – it is one of my favourites so far (Am I always saying that?!! LOL:))

    And it goes without saying that the picture s a perfect complement.



  9. I love this poem, “I have died a billion times, holding on to every word you said.” Reminds me of my relationship with my son since he died suddenly at age 24– I hold on to every word and memory and smile I can remember from his wonderful life.


  10. Thanks for coming over to my blog so that I could find you. How clever to paint and compose poetry. Lovely words and painting, so I shall return to view more.


  11. How precious is the life that God has given to us…some squander precious moments and to others they are more precious than gold. We still have time to use the heavenly pallet to paint memories that our hearts will be glad to play over within, again and again and again! One good memory is more valuable than thousands of bad ones! Your message i enjoyed and it is so uplifting!


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