Deafening Mime

Photo by Luan Oosthuizen on

The mime artist confronts me,
lithe and contorting,
nuancing as best she can
with her eyes.
Masked and distanced,
her gestures rage out loud
and proud,
yet I do not understand,
I can’t even take her hand
to console, to reassure;
so now she’s rubbing her eyes
with feigned clenched fists
but the sorrow doesn’t translate;
such sobbing falls on deaf ears,
yet it screams to my soul:
She’s in her world, I’m in mine,
dimensions apart,
both of us born again infants
deprived of facial cues.

Copyright Francis Barker 2020

*dVerse: Let your words ring out. I taken a ‘left field’ approach.


14 thoughts on “Deafening Mime

  1. Such a striking image you’ve chosen for this Francis – for not only masked but wounded and at a ‘safe’ distance. It’s not just the mask that keeps us apart – and like infants we need to find new ways of understanding and reaching out to each other. Powerful stuff – thanks for sharing.

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  2. Those clear plastic masks look so dorky, I settle for the black mask. That photo could be a prompt for a hundred poems; so striking. I applaud your message, this distancing, and lack of touch and discourse is maddening.

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  3. The pairing of image and poem is amazingly effective, Francis. Not only have you voiced the silent scream, you have given words to the silent women forced to cover their faces and dehumanise themselves, and you have commented on our pandemic world. The phrases ‘nuancing as best she can with her eyes’ and ‘her gestures rage out loud and proud’ say so much.

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