Poem ‘Boats’


One of these boats is mine,
let’s say this one right here,
all ship-shape
and eager for the tide.
So come on, take my hand
I’ll show you around,
there’s no time to lose
because summer’s on its way
and I can feel the warm winds
arrive on this scented ocean air,
promising to take us beyond
that blue-on-blue horizon
to those lands unimagined
in all our dreaming

We shan’t follow the tireless tern
who labours from pole to pole
every year of his life,
merely to survive.
No, ours are the balmy seas
and first port will be St Tropez.
We’ll saunter ’round as if we own it,
then sail slowly on hugging Italy’s leg
all the way to Venice,
where we’ll flop onto chairs in Florian’s,
order the most exorbitant espressos
and demolish bite-sized cakes

And after that? Well,
I propose we simply wander,
let the currents of nature and time
take us where they will.
Because you see, there are no plans,
no timetable.
We’ve earned this shot at life— at living—
this precious smiling space

poem and image © copyright df barker 2012

51 thoughts on “Poem ‘Boats’

  1. Oh beautiful what a lovely dream journey it will be to sail around and embrace life as it comes …
    [My Hubby was a shippie and i sailed with him to some of the loveliest places in the world..some days they were ,ocean life,ocean dreams,twinkling night sky, far away islands,a ship in ocean and ocean in me]
    beautiful painting David 🙂


  2. nice…you know…flopping onto chairs in Florian’s,
    ordering the most exorbitant espressos
    and demolishing bite-sized cakes sounds just like the perfect things to do…


  3. think my comment just disappeared…what i wanted to say is…i just think that spending the day with flopping onto chairs in Florian’s,
    ordering the most exorbitant espressos
    and demolishing bite-sized cakes…ist just the perfect thing to do…smiles


  4. Beautiful painting David, and great little boat ride, I enjoyed the trip.
    There is a tiny edit you need to do in the first stanza (I can feel the warm winds)
    You are really a great painter, you must sell a few?
    Ps: I have called you by your middle name in the past my apologies.
    Look forward to your next work of art.
    David. L


  5. David, thank you very much for pointing the error out – and me a proof reader as well! (well, sort of..) Anyhow, I’m grateful to you for that. Yes, don’t worry about my name, David of Francis will do. 🙂


  6. This lovely on so many levels. The painting calls me into it and the images in the poem…they sooth my soul and offer richness to my daydreams. The whole blog is restful and energizing at the same time. Thank you for sharing this.


  7. Such wonderful dreams of lazy boating all over the Atlantic coast and the Med! This painting is one of my favorites of yours, by the way!


  8. There are far too few “smiling spaces” these days. Nice, dreamy poem, your “Boats”. Your art draws in this follower, sharp yet ever so slightly out of focus colors. Your blues & greens always spectacular; a style all your own…


  9. ‘I propose we simply wander,
    let the currents of nature and time
    take us where they will.’

    …this certainly took me to a smiling space…floating off on the current of your words into the calm and colors of your painting.


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