Haiku: A Question of History

DSC_0065 (1) - Edited

Winners can claim truth
when history is written?
Then what is the truth?

copyright Leofwine Tanner 2019



  1. Léa · June 2

    Personally, I would prefer my favorite author, Jonathan Swift, to come back and write about what is going on. Anyone who could write A Modest Proposal has captured my imagination. If he passes on the assignment, my second favorite, George Orwell, would do quite nicely… The only ones who will miss tRumpty dumpty and his cabal are the comedians.


  2. Leofwine Tanner · June 2

    Hi Lea, thanks very much for your comment. Yes, I’m sure Orwell (real name Blair, ironically) would’ve seen right through our current bunch of ‘leaders’ for what they are.

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  3. Léa · June 2

    No doubt about that. With a bit of time-travel, one could interview him on the subject and get a fascinating post from it… 😉


  4. Leofwine Tanner · June 2

    Yes, he’d probably say ‘the more things change the more they stay the same’.

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  5. Léa · June 2

    Alas… but I would hope he would say much more.


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