‘Dallas In Queen’s English’

Photo by Maksim Goncharenok on Pexels.com

Twenty Two
Sixty Three

I think I recall
the BBC globe
in black and white,
a spinning duality.

The program inter-
ruption in Queen’s English
like a lightning strike;
Mother’s tears,
Dad’s ambivalence —
“Your blubbering
as if you knew him!”

What youngster could
Yet somehow I knew
a bright star had fallen
that November day

Copyright Francis Barker 2020

Poetics – Stoddard, Longfellow and Bryant say hello! (What does November mean to you?)

29 thoughts on “‘Dallas In Queen’s English’

  1. I remember that too, Francis, I was seven. An easy date to remember as 22nd November is my daughter’s birthday. I love that the BBC globe is such an evocative symbol of our childhood.

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  2. This is incredibly eloquent! I have heard snippets of conversation from my parents regarding the era of 60s when John Fitzgerald Kennedy .. popularly referred to as JFK was elected as President. The world has changed so much since then.

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  3. “six white horses came today
    to take my daddy far away.”

    I remember it on the TV. I remember the newspaper clipping with the poem and the picture. Times of great victory but also times of great evil.

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  4. Nice – such a vivid memory, it obviously made an impression on you as a child. The first one I remember was the Challenger disaster, such a shock as there was a teacher on board and we’d been learning about her in school.

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  5. The memory is captured in a potent way. It was a lightning strike to the world. You capture a lot of emotion in few words and I love your Dad’s reply as he struggles to make sense of the emotions himself.

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  6. So beautifully written. I remember the lightning strike effect well, and the horror and angst of it all. Who can forget little John John saluting his father’s casket as it was carried by. A nation mourned.

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  7. We DID know him, as did people ’round the world. I will never forget where I was, what I was doing when the news blared from our television. Thank you for writing about him …. thank you.

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