Poem ‘Your House’

Your House

I’d arrived there at noon
stunned by the view
from your window,
that vast sweep of shoreline.
I had earl grey tea, some carrot cake;
you made do with strong coffee.
You said we should talk, walk,
try to mimic the clockwork sanderlings,
laugh at comic turnstones,
all busy birds of the beach

I hadn’t realised
how far we’d walked.
The polar wind which swept us along
brought stinging tears to my eyes,
though little could detract
from the sight of your house
standing steadfast against the shore;
nothing except for the florid face
all cheeky smiles and winks,
that prodding finger in my side

image and poem © copyright dfbarker 2012


35 thoughts on “Poem ‘Your House’

  1. Another great work, David. I love Earl Grey. Ironically, I’m at Starbucks having one right now!

    So, how do you create these images? Are the pictures of your paintings or are they created with some kind of software?


  2. Lovely scene in this one, David. I can virtually feel that polar sea wind, yet at the same time I’m warmed by the relationship you’ve portrayed. Feels that there may be a little more hiding beneath the words, but I’m satisfied just absorbing it as is. Beautiful.


  3. At Starbucks? Now I’m envious!;) Some of the images are wholly digital creations, some are straight photos of paintings and some are a mixture of both. Thank you once again!


  4. Awesome. I want you to know, that as soon as I’ve saved up the few hundred dollars for it, I’m going to purchase one of your paintings. I’m serious.


  5. This is beautiful, David…I enjoyed the relaxing walk you took us on, even with the polar wind and carrot cake is my favorite… 🙂
    Your paintings are always lovely~


  6. Hi Victoria, how are you? Brittany, yes it must be beautiful, rather like Cornwall, I have heard. Thank you once again for your lovely comments. Kindest regards.


  7. How beautiful is this… both the image from the house and of the house are beautiful….your poetry paints such beauty and your paintings weave such lovely tales. 🙂


  8. Hi,
    I love this poem, a bit of a hint of more to come with this lovely relationship hiding in the words, it’s a lovely story that I have pictured and imagined at what may came next. 😀


  9. The painting and the poem made me smile. A good thing these days of my life. Whimsy seemed to me to be sparkling along the surface of both. Good work. I am still smiling.


  10. DF, you are SUCH a master poet and painter! I taste the carrot cake, I smell the earl grey tea, I feel windblown and finger poked and reassured by the sight of the house near that beach! Terriffic!


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