Poems: Haikus— ‘Changes’

Haikus— ‘Changes’

step back little life
faces change though streets remain
cross with no regrets

spring’s hushed voice in trees
snow lingers on in furrows
earth unbends to light

poems and photograph © copyright dfbarker 2012

36 thoughts on “Poems: Haikus— ‘Changes’

  1. Hi,
    The changing of the seasons, very nicely done. 🙂
    We are coming into Autumn here which starts on the 1st March, and that will be the end of our summer.


  2. You are spot on there. In the part of Australia that I live in we don’t get snow, it is classed as being part of the tropics. 🙂

    There are parts of Australia that do get snow of course. If looking at a map these are around the bottom part of OZ, (still nothing like England) I live more towards the top end of OZ. 😀


  3. “Spring’s hushed voice in trees”–this is so very accurate and touches my earth-mother heart! I also though there was a lot of truth-telling contained in that capsule of a stree-crossing haiku!


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