Poem ‘Rain’


He was looking at the rivulets
stuttering down the glass,
ignoring the sodden cat on the windowsill
and the puddles in the grass.

Sitting down, I braced myself:
He’d say it wouldn’t do any harm.
I suppose it was his way of seeing things
when in the safe and warm.

Never mind that spring was passing,
never mind that I’d forked the grass over

for five darn days on end,
to drain away the numerous ponds.
Yet still there are some who insist
that we are the lucky ones!

So I put on my best April gear,
braving the cold and the wet.
I had to get out of his face, you see,
to hear some pessimism instead,

about the weather, the world,
or the state of this or that.

Sadly though, I have to say,
rain makes even the shy ones talk,
though they’d better watch out —
because I’ll be stabbing with my fork!

poem and image © copyright df barker 2012

28 thoughts on “Poem ‘Rain’

  1. I totally love your subtlety generally and love when you’re NOT subtle too like in this piece. 🙂 “hear some pessimism instead”, great line. Love the picture, total complement to the words Dave. Watch out for the fork! Love the cat, the image is great.


  2. Hi David
    Rain is a good conversation piece lol but sometimes a fork like that might come in handy :). I love the cat here, and the poem. I suppose you have a real garden? (We just have a few borders, no lawn)


  3. 😆 it seems you wrote this poem with fork in one hand 🙂
    …….not that the world has been behaving but the gloomy days just don’t let cheer up…
    its scorching hot here…and i am at my cribbing whining sweating best 😯


  4. Thank you so much Soma! Yes, over here we complain about everything and do nothing about it! 🙂 But yes, if you’re scorching hot where you are, I guess you might be grateful for a bit of rain. We think we’d like some hot weather but within days we’d be moaning about that too! 😉


  5. I like this! It seems to me that there are so few times we can complain and get away with it! Weather is one of those times…we are all in complete agreement that nothing can be done to affect or change, but sometimes it just blankets the mood and all that is left is a good bout of complaint 🙂 Debra


  6. ha…we had way too much rain in april… and maybe rain makes the shy ones talk because we all just need a bit of warmth..the fork stabbing closure made me smile..


  7. Oh, those endless rainy days – all the worse in spring, when we long for some warm sunshine. I like how you call a spade a spade (or rather a fork a fork) – permission to be pessimistic! 🙂


  8. Very funny, David. Sometimes there’s nothing like some good old-fashioned commiseration. We could use a little of that rain here in the South- we’re suffering from a drought. …looking at the rivulets stuttering down the glass…that’s a fantastic line.


  9. Oh, dear.. I think I’m usually one of those cheery ones who would drive you crazy!! You’re right.. sometimes we need to just say it like it is!! Loved this one as always!!


  10. Thank you Emma, so much! Yes, we have a drought too, but the rivers are flooding – ‘the wrong sort of rain’!!! Apparently! They will tell you anything these days, won’t they?


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