Poem: Blindfolds


There is no crisis
that’s never been made, no war
we’ve ever had to join. Why
don’t you stop! – look

at what you’re doing? Don’t
accept it,
turn off the TV and ignore
the paper headlines stacked

in front of you, they lead you into their
their pigeon-holes.
What are you? Can a jackass

stare back from the mirror? Even
gods call you sheep, creatures who
need to be brought in – whoever said

should be so? The more I say no, each
time you refuse to
toe the line, so much sooner
you and I become us

and then we

© copyright David F. Barker 2013

I am not a pacifist, but most conflict is avoidable.

18 thoughts on “Poem: Blindfolds

  1. “they lead you into their traps.”

    So very true! I walked away from televisions and telephones over a dozen years ago and don’t regret it AT ALL! sometimes one has to remove him/herself from the scene before one can see; others have see the signs and wake up.

    yes, most conflict is avoidable.



  2. Can a jackass

    stare back from the mirror?

    ha what a great question…i wonder if we tune it out will we ever be able to see change…or should we let it motivate us to do something more than sit on our asses…


  3. ..your words are wake up calls we must all listen… we lose our chance to a peaceful living once we engage ourselves in things or situations, as you said, most likely avoidable… Great offering…smiles..


  4. This leaves me thinking. Media loves to invoke a crisis where a one may not lie. Sheep? I am not a pacifist. And I am not so easily led. Interesting to consider how many who call themselves sheep would lead, though.


  5. I’m not a pacifist either, David; and I agree that our attitudes, actions and reactions are far more powerful than we think. Individually, we can create peace in our sphere and let it eddy out… And I admire your use of enjambment. Highly effective.


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