Poem: A Picture


Like a heavy Thirties’ vibrato, the early
talkie movie strings exquisite
yet tainting,

your restrained pose remains
steadfast before the storm, long shadows
of a vengeance which threatens

you, barely withheld. Still
your smiling eyes stare
back from Paris cafés through

mists of Gitanes, drenched
in sepia, like the relics of some
melancholy sun

© copyright David F. Barker 2013

3 thoughts on “Poem: A Picture

  1. This is such a visual poem for me! I love it.

    For some reason I am absolutely fascinated by the 30s, and I just love the sepia photos I have from my parents.

    I am an avid follower of Agatha Christie’s Poirot and I watch them quite obsessively over and over. I am not even particularly bothered about the plots, although I have to say I do like a”cosy” murder!

    But those episodes set in the thirties just “get” me. And they all smoke like chimneys!! Wonder if they are Gitanes!! :


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