Poem ‘Poor Things’

Poor Things

At some stage or another
we all become poor things

The man who once
pulled trucks and trains for fun

in a gown
and listening to a nurse

image and poem © copyright df barker 2012

40 thoughts on “Poem ‘Poor Things’

  1. I am that Nurse who ponders,
    when it is my time
    will I be so sweet as this poor darlin’ 😀
    Beautiful, short yet thoughtful.


  2. I really like this piece of art, David. I watched a programme, last evening, about the new Hockney exhibition. Fascinating creativity with the iPad.


  3. So true. In our youth we think “nothing can harm us.” When in reality we are denying the truth that one day our bodies will fail and we will be weakened to the point of needing, once again, someone to care for us.


  4. New artistic approach here, DF? I really like how well it matches the mood of your poem. A man in an open backed gown being bossed around by a nurse. That man was once “King of the Road”, wasn’t he? Or was he? Hmmmm.


  5. very different write for you..made me also think of very successful business people who get a burn out and end up in hospital and don’t even manage to get the tooth paste on the brush any more…sad..


  6. I like the way your poem and image speak wisdom and compassion, as I too have been a “poor thing” and also a strong caregiver. During my mother’s final illness, though, her spirit grew stronger and that is my stronger memory!

    Blessings, Ellen


  7. Hi Ellen, thank you so much for your comments. I’m glad that you have good memories of your mother. We never realise how important mothers are until they’ve gone. Take care and thanks again.


  8. Hi. The image is very powerful. These colors look well together and I like the way the orange grips/reaches out to the blue figure. Jane


  9. a whole life captured in a few words in this rich layered poem. excellent. done.

    Ciao, Francina


  10. Poor things… It is so true that most of us will be like that one day athough some of us might beat the odds and keep fit. 🙂 I like the poem, sharp and to the point!

    When I was in your country the other week, I noticed that the eldery are not to be called “dear” anymore. 🙂 Oh dear!

    I think it is important to see people for what they are as a whole, more than how they are doing physically perhaps. Wisdom comes with growing older.
    I hope lol.


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