Poem ‘Horizon Line’


There is no love on those horizon lines,
nor in the sight of ships
tacking their finite courses to
oblivion, spilling me

So who is it waiting
in the rain, feels its spots
cool on their skin, can smell
its sweet aroma
off the hard hot road, stretching away
around the lonely coast?

poem and picture Β© copyright David F. Barker 2012


25 thoughts on “Poem ‘Horizon Line’

  1. Hi David, what a splendid poem and picture, (Water , digital or oil?) I have the feeling I know just what you mean here. πŸ™‚
    I would love to put it on the Poetry of the Sea blog!


  2. your art made me think I was looking out a window at the ocean through raindrops…..
    then when I read your words, I was….
    Beautoful DFB…as always….
    Take Care…


  3. nice man….great opening line…felt ont he ships comeing and going but the second stanza really brings it home for me…who is waiting…and finding relief as well fromt he road in the rain…nice david..


  4. I have spent many hours over my lifetime sitting on the shore and watching just such a line of small ships. It’s restful to me just to watch them on their “finite courses to oblivion.” I’m very tired today, and I think that plays into why I am not at all confident that I’m completely reading this poem with all of its rich meaning, but it is going to stick with me. I’ll come back to it again later and linger even longer. The words are soothing, and the painting is beautifully tranquil and of my favorite subjects. I’m always renewed by the ocean, and I think today I need a little renewal! πŸ™‚ Beautiful, David. Debra


  5. Beautiful poem and painting, David! Watching the horizon alone brings many thoughts. I love this poem . Ciao, Francina


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